Interview with local High Priest

Merry Meet!

I finally got to meet Drake Atlas from Get Out of the Broom Closet and he agreed to be interviewed by me for my second degree homework assignment. He is a very intelligent and knowledgeable High Priest! It was a pleasure getting to meet with him and do the interview. I learned a lot from him and he had some great advice for me as well. Below is the interview…I hope you enjoy it!


Hoi Sum

1. What is the role of a HP/S in the greater community and within their group.

A High Priest’s role is to lead by example both in the community and within their group. A HP should be a support system within their group and be there for all of their students!

2. What is the most affective way of resolving conflict in a group?

The best way to resolve conflict is to be proactive when you see a conflict starting. That way the issue can be solved before it gets out of hand. Also it is important to see conflict as a positive thing and as a learning tool. One way to approach conflict is to have peer mediation within your coven. Have whomever is the conflict is between discuss the issue in the presence of their HP’s. The HP’s can let their students resolve their own conflicts while still being there to interfere if necessary and to be a support system.

3. How many years have they been a 3rd?

Nine Years

4. What makes them a 3rd?

While experience is important when considering someone a third, it is also just as important to see anyone with confidence and the eagerness to lead and learn as potential HP’s as well.

5. Do they have a group and if so, how many years have they had a group?

Drake Atlas is the HP of his own coven and they have been a coven for 2 1/2 years.

6. How is their group structure?

They are a pantheistic group that work a lot with a Greek pantheon. They also have a pretty traditional chain of command with a High Priest and Priestess, Maidens, Inner and Outer court members (seekers).

7. How many people have completed their degree program within their group?

Two people have completed their first degrees under Drake and two more are working on their second degrees.

8. How many people have NOT completed their degree program and why did they discontinue their students within the group?


9. What do they feel is the most important thing about being a witch, Wiccan or pagan?

Just plain spirituality-people really need it in their lives!

10. What is your opinion about those who do not do the degree programs and how does that compare to how they behave do you think?

There is a small difference with people who have not been through a traditional degree program. The difference is usually seen with their circle and ritual etiquette.

11.  What is your protocol? How do you think other teachers in the area should treat your students?

Other teachers should feel free to treat his students like his students treat them-respect is earned. If another teacher does something inappropriate to his student he will step in on their behalf as their HP.

12. How is the Great Rite utilized in their group, if they are permitted to say?

The Great Rite is taught, but is not really practiced. It is seen as a somewhat outdated practice.

13. What are the ethics do they follow as a Third degree?

To always lead by example and follow through and most importantly to be a person of your word.

14. What do they feel is the most important role of a mentor or Wiccan teacher?

Support-going through a degree is a very difficult time for all students because they will be tested spiritually and emotionally. It is important to give them room to make their own mistakes, but to be there to help them up.

15. What steps do you think are necessary for starting a coven-what advice can you give for someone starting their own coven?

To make sure and have a game plan. Don’t wing it, because you will forget something important! Don’t be afraid, just make decision and step up and lead.

16. What do you do to help yourself continue your own learning and growth?

Drake goes back to his original hive coven and talks to his High Priest. He also has redone his degrees and certificates to stay fresh and update on the skills and knowledge needed in the Craft.

Questions for me the interviewer after the interview….

17.Write down your impressions about what you learned and what you felt energetically.

I learned a lot about having confidence and just trusting yourself and the Divine. It is a lot of work to run a coven, but it is also rewarding. Drake had very strong energy and I could easily read it and feel it. He is a Leo and we discussed how many people in leadership roles are astrologically stronger signs like Leo, Scorpios etc. Any signs that correlate with a type A personality and strong leadership abilities seem to move into the clergy within Wicca.


Drake definitely feels like a third. He seems young to be a third for nine years, but once he starts talking you realize how knowledgeable and mature he really is. He knows his stuff and he is a strong leader within his coven! He has a very strong presence-not necessarily in looks or personality, but more with his energy and aura. I haven’t felt that much energy since meeting with a shaman at the Pantheacon.


Healing Spell (travel ready)

Once again I felt the need to do a simple spell while at work. I have been suffering from a bad cold/flu and I really want my health and energy back. I laid my crystals, talismans, and mint box of herbs on my desk at work, then listened to and watched the Chakra Healing Mantra (see Youtube clip below), using the Youtube video I opened all of my chakras and brought energy into my body, I invoked the Goddess, God, and the four elements, and then repeated the following spell…

“In the Divine name of the Goddess who breathes life into us all. I consecrate and charge these crystals, talismans, and herbs as magkical tools for healing. Magick mend and sickness end! For wellness I yearn, so good health return!

This is my will so mote it be!”

Viola a healing spell! It is great to be able to still work with the Divine and magick while being at work! Feel free to modify and use this spell! I would suggest to always try to carry small tools of magick with you, so that you can do a spell whenever you need.

Blessed Be,

Hoi Sum

Strength Spell

I have a friend who recently asked for my help with a strength spell, so I thought I would share the ideas I found here as well. These are for either yourself or for a friend. Enjoy!

Note: Overall I would just really visualize a lot of strength and energy going your or another person’s way-like praying. I always ask the elements to help too…for example ask Air to take the extra strength and energy to yourself and/or friend, water to bring  healing and cleansing, fire to bring positive energy and passion, and earth to ground and center you (them), making you (them) feel safe!

Spell #1: Using either a candle, crystal, or charm/talisman chant the following (see below)… If you use a crystal or charm you can always say the chant and charge the objects with energy and then give to your friend to keep with them.

Strength of day
Strength of night
Give me strength
Beyond my sight.

Spell #2: Get colored string-which ever color(s) you want to use (suggested colors red, blue, orange, purple, black, yellow and silver) and as you tie and knot the string together forming a bracelet chant (see below)…then give yourself or friend the bracelet.

I bring survival, protection and courage with each red, blue and black knot
And with each orange, purple and silver I’ve tied, it was just justice,
female power and self assurance that I got.
Will yellow, quick intelligence is with me – secure my knots – these
things held together tightly…
By my will So mote it be!

Yule Spell

I found a great Yule spell today, and wanted to share it, because I will definitely be doing this spell. It is a great spell to start the new year off!

Spell Supplies:Goddess Candle (silver), God candle (Gold), a self candle, a red candle (fire), a blue candle (water), a green candle (earth),  a yellow candle (air), a pentacle (for protection), and a sage smudge.

Notes: The words for God were not provided but you are welcome to alter this spell and add a part for God in the beginning. I always include both the Goddess and God in my rituals, so I will be adding a part for God. Also the ending of the spell says to let the candles burn out on their own, but you are welcome to blow the candles out. Also I would suggest you pull up a circle before performing this spell. I think all magick should be done within a circle for both protection and sacredness.


Smudge or use incense over your spell/altar area and say…

“I purify this space. May my hopes and aspirations rise within this veil of smoke and become one with the universe. With every breath I take may I be empowered by the light of the Goddess. So mote it be .”

Light the candle for the Goddess and say:

“Gracious Goddess who walks through the mists of time, my need of you is endless but tonight I ask only for power. Fill my being with your strength and be with me this night that I may be empowered by your gifts of life. Hold true this spell I work. Blesed Be.”

Light the Earth candle (green)

“Intune my magick with nature. Let me judge not the path or people before me but trust in the Goddess to light the way. Let me be reminded of this daily. Let my eyes be open to the true meaning of life. As we come from the Earth we will return to the Earth, let me not forget your true treasures. So mote it be.”

Light the Air candle (yellow)

“Fill my soul with knowledge. Let my powers grow and my intuition be endless. I claim my birth right as witch, empower me and allow me all that is wise. I claim the magick to work this spell tonight. So mote it be.”

Light the Fire candle (red)

“Let my desires be powered with endless energy and grow into full manifestation. Let my work be prosperous and the law of three protect me and mirror against all that do wrong against me. So mote it be.”

Light the Water candle (blue)

“Keep my family safe and let our love for each other be abundant.. Let my path be in joy surrounded by family and friends. Let our love last through the life times ahead. Bless us always. So mote it be.”

Light the candle you have chosen to represent yourself

“I, _______ take the power given and honor it. I reach for strength from the blood that is life itself to keep my body a temple in health and light. Let all illness leave me. Let my chakras shine bright with balance and health. Blessed Be

I am _____ . I am a priestess of my Goddess. This is my bidding and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be.”

Allow the candles to burn out on their own, and then bury the remnants in the earth.

This spell was retrieved December 14, 2009 from

Wiccan correspondences I take for granted

Spirits Cast-101 lesson two is here-yeah! I listened to Feithline’s new episode today-it was fantastic as usual. I am looking forward to starting the new elements exercise this month! To start the next assignment off we are suppose to create a list of things we take for granted. What Feith means by this is our Wiccan/Pagan correspondences we have gotten so use to we no longer think about why or how we got those correspondences. For example why is the moon associated with the Goddess? Below is my list of correspondences and associations I take for granted…

Things I take for granted:

The nighttime and moon are feminine

The daytime and sun are masculine

Air is yellow and masculine

Water is blue and feminine

Earth is green and feminine

Fire is red and masculine

Athames are masculine

Bowls and chalices are feminine

Magick is neutral

There is life, spirit, and energy in everthing

my soul

the afterlife

Goddess represents emotions

God represents protection

Summary: Even creating and looking over this list has got me thinking. There are some associations I have because I have really meditated on them and chose what felt right for me. Other associations I have because of societal and cultural norms I have been taught since childhood. For example Air is masculine to me, not because some Wicca 101 book told me it is, but because I see visions of the Greek God Hermes when I work with the element of air. To me the spirit of air is the same traveler and messenger as Hermes is. Because I see Hermes when I see air, I see masculine. However I am constantly seeing the Goddess as a gentle, emotional, mother type. Where as, I see God as the passionate, action based protector. But really those are gender stereotypes that have been around since the beginning of time. Men or the masculine can also represent a soft and emotional side. There have been and still are female warriors. Men are not the only beings capable of anger, action, and violence. I think we all could work on being careful with the gender restricted boxes we put our deities into. The great spirit or Divine is not really male or female. We put or deity(s) into gender based roles because that is how we understand things as humans. Everything in nature within our planet exists with two genders. The Divine is not limited to gender though, nor is it limited to our version of emotions and abilities. Just like water is not limited to being blue on our planet. Ever see a blue flame of fire? Why do we put correspondences to the elements?  Why is the Goddess represented by the night and moon? What is the definition of feminine? Do the elements really correspond to one gender? Do we even need to give them a gender association?

Things are the types of questions I will be asking myself as I work on this month’s Spirits Cast-101 assignment. Hopefully I will find some answers to those questions-at least what the answers are for myself and my own spiritual practice.

Good luck to all of you as we journey into the realm of the elements!


Hoi Sum

Full Moon Ritual

December 2009 Full Moon Ritual

Cold Moon-Releasing

Notes: This is just an outline of the ritual I will be doing this week for the full moon. All of the specific words and chants are written down separately. Feel free to use any ideas here! Blessings!


Athame, wand, elemental candles, family coven candle, goddess candle, god candle, offering/offering bowl, ritual clothes and jewelry, runes, crystals (to correspond to the elements and spell), book of shadows and pen. (all other supplies are already on my altar)

Ritual Outline:

1. Cleanse altar space and altar tools

2. Get all tools and supplies ready and set up

3. Take ritual bath

4. Ground and center my energy

5. Draw up my circle

6. Invoke the elements

7. Invoke the Goddess

8. Meditate and go to my sacred space-(meet and converse with the Goddess there)-honor the moon

9. Perform a knot spell for releasing negative things that are affecting my life and energy currently (nine different things I need to get rid of)…example words below…

By knot of ONE, the spell’s begun
By knot of TWO, it cometh true
By knot of THREE, so mote it be
By knot of FOUR, this power I store
By knot of FIVE, the spell’s alive
By knot of SIX, this spell I fix
By knot of SEVEN, events I’ll leaven
By knot of EIGHT, it will be Fate
By knot of NINE, what’s done is mine

10. Do a rune reading (draw three runes for past, present, future-still focusing on things I need to work on in my life)

11. Thank the Goddess

12. Thank the elements

13. Dismiss the elements

14. Dismiss the Goddess

15. Take down my circle

16. Ground my energy

Worship with Song

Hello fellow spiritual journey-ers!

Well I am so proud to admit that I have been pretty good about my daily spiritual devotional time! This morning was the first morning in November that I have not had my normal devotional time on my way to work. I decided this morning though, to just enjoy my new cd and to worship the Divine through music. I recently purchased the album “I walk with the Goddess” by Kellianna. I love this cd! It has some really great upbeat Pagan songs! It is an awesome way to start your morning! At first I was a little hard on myself for not still having my “normal” devotional” time, but it is good to change things up a little. There is also nothing wrong with using music to speak to the Divine! After all, I grew up doing that in church with worship music. It doesn’t matter what religion you are music is still a connection to the Divine!

Many Blessings,

Hoi Sum

The Goddess knows…

…I will admit I have been a little down lately after a negative experience at a local Pagan meetup. I have done pretty good getting back on the horse so to speak and not getting bogged down in the negativity! I have to thank people like Fire Lyte for my quick come back though-Fire Lyte sent me great words of encouragement that really helped me! I have also started my own meetup group and have already made some good contacts-I am looking forward to putting some energy into networking with local Pagans/Wiccans. Anywho on to the great news…I ordered a couple more of the books off of my required reading list (for my second degree) with my birthday Li Cee (“lucky” money from my in-laws). They arrived at my house yesterday and so I started the first book last night…I am reading “The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition” by Dianne Sylvan. I am so excited about this book! I have only read the Preface and a little bit of the first chapter and I am already in love with the book. This the exact book I needed to read right now! I needed a book that doesn’t discuss spells or Wicca 101 facts, but rather a book that discusses how to connect to the Divine and how to grow in your spiritual journey! It made me feel so good to realize what this book is about-it made me feel like the Divine knew I was discouraged and knew exactly what I needed to read! The Goddess and God know what we need and they are here to take care of us…here to help us grow in our spiritual journeys!


Hoi Sum

Lone Moon Ritual (New Moon)

Tonight I will be doing my first lone moon ritual for my second degree. It is a new moon tonight, and while many believe this is not a good time for magick, it is still a great time for reflection and devotion. Below is the ritual I will be doing. I will journal about the ritual, but I will be doing so in my Book of Shadows. I like to keep some of my intimate moments with the Divine private-I hope you don’t mind :-). Please feel free to use any of the ritual below. It is a mix from my usual Sunday night ritual, my initation ritual (my mentor Angie wrote), and a website (that I reference in the ritual below).


Hoi Sum


Lone Moon Ritual

Monday November 16, 2009


1. Ritual Bath

2. Get all ritual supplies on altar ready and light candles

3. Ground and Center my Energy

4. Draw up a circle with my athame.  I chant three times, “I am protected by your might oh gracious Goddess day and night. Thrice around the circle’s bound. Sink all evil into the ground.”

“My circle is cast. So mote it be.”

5. I use my wand to draw “pentacle” portals for the elements and spirits to enter-5 total for all the elements including spirit. (This is a new technique I have been trying and I really like it-good practice for visualization)

6. Call the quarters

Watchtower of the East, Brother of Wisdom and Knowledge!

I invite thee to join me in my sacred circle.  Hail and welcome!

Watchtower of the South, Father of Love and Passion!

I invite thee to join me in my sacred circle.  Hail and welcome!

Watchtower of the West, Sister of Empathy and Emotion!

I invite thee to join me in my sacred circle.  Hail and welcome!

Watchtower of the North, Mother of Fertility and Plenty!

I invite thee to join me in my sacred circle.  Hail and welcome!

7. Invite the Goddess and God to join.

“I call to the God. Spark of the Spirit Eternal,
Lord of the Wild Hunt, Judge of Gods and Men.
Shining God of the Sun’s rays, Who walks with me through all my days,
Into my circle, I invoke you, To bless and guide all that I do.
Hail and welcome.”

“I call to the Goddess. Beauty of the Green Earth,
White Moon among the Stars, Mysteries of the Waters.
Shimmering Goddess of the Moon’s light, Who guides me through the dark of night,
Into my circle, I invoke you. To bless and guide all that I do.
Hail and welcome.” (Retrieved November 16, 2009 from

My patron Goddess Aeracura and her consort Pan (the great Horned God)

Isis and Horis (as well-I usually work with a couple of deities and yes I mix pantheons)

8. Meditate on the Goddess and God

9. Meditate on myself

10. Scry using a bowl of water-try to see “my true self” and where my life is going

11. Thank the Divine and dismiss the Goddess and God

12. Thank and dismiss the quarters

13. Close the circle-chant three times “I am protected by your might oh gracious Goddess day and night. Thrice around the circle’s bound. Sink all evil into the ground.”

The circle is open, but is not broken.  May the peace of the God and Goddess go with me from this place.  Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.  Blessed be!

14. Ground my energy.

Daily Activities and Schedule of a High Priestess

One of the assignments for my second degree is to interview a high priest or priestess. The point of the interview is to get a feel for what it is really like to be a high priestess. What kind of commitment is involved etc. While I have not done my interview yet, I did find a great article today on Witchvox that relates to this. A high priestess wrote out a diary of what her week looks like and what activities she had to do. It is a very enlightening article. I would say that one of the key components of being a high priestess is that you have to have the time to spend helping your coven. You are almost like a mom, in the sense that your Wiccan children come first. You will be in charge of being a teacher, a mentor, and an emotional and spiritual support system for your “children.” It takes a lot of time, commitment, and love to be a high priestess.


Hoi Sum

Here is the the link to the article:

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