Find Your Goddess

For the month of November I have been meditating on the Goddess and who she is to me. This is also a second degree requirement. This has been an awesome requirement. It feels amazing to get to know the Goddess better! This is what I discovered about her-at least how she appears to me…

polarity: negative- because she represents the feminine elements of earth and water.

colors: white, green, purple, pink, blue, gray, and black

totems: butterfly, spider, wolf, snake, gorilla, tiger, cat

tools: chalice, cauldron, salt, pentacle, water

magic: healing, love, encouragement, wisdom, sex, growth, teaching, banishing

emotional attributes: love, protection, encouragement, sadness, anger

Who: my patron Goddess is Aeracura. She has been my patron Goddess since I converted to Wicca. I love her! She is the opposite of my personality and I need that. She is gentle, quiet, loving, and patient. She teaches me to slow down and to stop stressing. Her main message is to enjoy the learning process and to not be so focused on the end product. The journey is more important.

Her pantheon: Nordic, Greek, and Egyptian. I work with all three (Isis and Artemis are my other two main Goddesses I work with).

Her consort: Pan (the Greek earth God, protector of nature and all animals-especially goats). Although he is Greek and Aeracura is a nordic/celtic Goddess, I think the pairing fits. Pan is one of the few gentle Gods of mythology. He is kind and cares about nature and animals. Aeracura loves flowers and caring about people’s growth. She is an encourager and healer, which can also be said about Pan.

What is she the Goddess of: spiritual and emotional growth. She is the Goddess of learners.


Aeracura is kind and sweet

She encourages my growth

Aeracura is wise and virtuous

She encourages my learning

Aeracura is loving and caring

She blesses me on my journey


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