The Goddess knows…

…I will admit I have been a little down lately after a negative experience at a local Pagan meetup. I have done pretty good getting back on the horse so to speak and not getting bogged down in the negativity! I have to thank people like Fire Lyte for my quick come back though-Fire Lyte sent me great words of encouragement that really helped me! I have also started my own meetup group and have already made some good contacts-I am looking forward to putting some energy into networking with local Pagans/Wiccans. Anywho on to the great news…I ordered a couple more of the books off of my required reading list (for my second degree) with my birthday Li Cee (“lucky” money from my in-laws). They arrived at my house yesterday and so I started the first book last night…I am reading “The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition” by Dianne Sylvan. I am so excited about this book! I have only read the Preface and a little bit of the first chapter and I am already in love with the book. This the exact book I needed to read right now! I needed a book that doesn’t discuss spells or Wicca 101 facts, but rather a book that discusses how to connect to the Divine and how to grow in your spiritual journey! It made me feel so good to realize what this book is about-it made me feel like the Divine knew I was discouraged and knew exactly what I needed to read! The Goddess and God know what we need and they are here to take care of us…here to help us grow in our spiritual journeys!


Hoi Sum


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  1. Pombagira said,

    November 24, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    Hi Hoi Sum,

    i’m from spiritscast forum, just in case you are wondering. anyhoo.. i also wanted to say that i love the book ‘the circle within” it has been quite influential, so much so that i am going to need to purchase a second copy cause i keep loaning it out to others.. tehe..

    i to loved how there was no talk of spells and wicca 101 but more about how you connect with the divine, and how you perceive said divine.. it is one of those books that i like to call food for thought books, and one that inspires you to go out, practice, discover, and enjoy life… err.. ops i might be gushing..tehehe

    also about the pagan coffee meet ups, i to have experienced feeling down after experiencing these, and considering i started the coffee meets in my town almost 10 years ago.. that is saying something, from a once organisers perspective, it can be as difficult as hurdling cats to get people to 1. actually talk about anything pagan and 2 deepen their ideas and concepts. i have learnt recently though that some of the people who attend pagan coffees are not actually my people, so to speak, and whats more they are not my responsibility, i do not have to run coffee and try and organise the pagan community at large, as this is not my soul path. instead mine is to run classes and teach… (which is still kinda new to me but hey my first lot of classes are going quite well) and the circle within is on my recommended reading list.. teheh

    anyhoo.. just thought i would share.. *beams*

    *twirls around*

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