Healing Spell (travel ready)

Once again I felt the need to do a simple spell while at work. I have been suffering from a bad cold/flu and I really want my health and energy back. I laid my crystals, talismans, and mint box of herbs on my desk at work, then listened to and watched the Chakra Healing Mantra (see Youtube clip below), using the Youtube video I opened all of my chakras and brought energy into my body, I invoked the Goddess, God, and the four elements, and then repeated the following spell…

“In the Divine name of the Goddess who breathes life into us all. I consecrate and charge these crystals, talismans, and herbs as magkical tools for healing. Magick mend and sickness end! For wellness I yearn, so good health return!

This is my will so mote it be!”

Viola a healing spell! It is great to be able to still work with the Divine and magick while being at work! Feel free to modify and use this spell! I would suggest to always try to carry small tools of magick with you, so that you can do a spell whenever you need.

Blessed Be,

Hoi Sum


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