Interview with local High Priest

Merry Meet!

I finally got to meet Drake Atlas from Get Out of the Broom Closet and he agreed to be interviewed by me for my second degree homework assignment. He is a very intelligent and knowledgeable High Priest! It was a pleasure getting to meet with him and do the interview. I learned a lot from him and he had some great advice for me as well. Below is the interview…I hope you enjoy it!


Hoi Sum

1. What is the role of a HP/S in the greater community and within their group.

A High Priest’s role is to lead by example both in the community and within their group. A HP should be a support system within their group and be there for all of their students!

2. What is the most affective way of resolving conflict in a group?

The best way to resolve conflict is to be proactive when you see a conflict starting. That way the issue can be solved before it gets out of hand. Also it is important to see conflict as a positive thing and as a learning tool. One way to approach conflict is to have peer mediation within your coven. Have whomever is the conflict is between discuss the issue in the presence of their HP’s. The HP’s can let their students resolve their own conflicts while still being there to interfere if necessary and to be a support system.

3. How many years have they been a 3rd?

Nine Years

4. What makes them a 3rd?

While experience is important when considering someone a third, it is also just as important to see anyone with confidence and the eagerness to lead and learn as potential HP’s as well.

5. Do they have a group and if so, how many years have they had a group?

Drake Atlas is the HP of his own coven and they have been a coven for 2 1/2 years.

6. How is their group structure?

They are a pantheistic group that work a lot with a Greek pantheon. They also have a pretty traditional chain of command with a High Priest and Priestess, Maidens, Inner and Outer court members (seekers).

7. How many people have completed their degree program within their group?

Two people have completed their first degrees under Drake and two more are working on their second degrees.

8. How many people have NOT completed their degree program and why did they discontinue their students within the group?


9. What do they feel is the most important thing about being a witch, Wiccan or pagan?

Just plain spirituality-people really need it in their lives!

10. What is your opinion about those who do not do the degree programs and how does that compare to how they behave do you think?

There is a small difference with people who have not been through a traditional degree program. The difference is usually seen with their circle and ritual etiquette.

11.  What is your protocol? How do you think other teachers in the area should treat your students?

Other teachers should feel free to treat his students like his students treat them-respect is earned. If another teacher does something inappropriate to his student he will step in on their behalf as their HP.

12. How is the Great Rite utilized in their group, if they are permitted to say?

The Great Rite is taught, but is not really practiced. It is seen as a somewhat outdated practice.

13. What are the ethics do they follow as a Third degree?

To always lead by example and follow through and most importantly to be a person of your word.

14. What do they feel is the most important role of a mentor or Wiccan teacher?

Support-going through a degree is a very difficult time for all students because they will be tested spiritually and emotionally. It is important to give them room to make their own mistakes, but to be there to help them up.

15. What steps do you think are necessary for starting a coven-what advice can you give for someone starting their own coven?

To make sure and have a game plan. Don’t wing it, because you will forget something important! Don’t be afraid, just make decision and step up and lead.

16. What do you do to help yourself continue your own learning and growth?

Drake goes back to his original hive coven and talks to his High Priest. He also has redone his degrees and certificates to stay fresh and update on the skills and knowledge needed in the Craft.

Questions for me the interviewer after the interview….

17.Write down your impressions about what you learned and what you felt energetically.

I learned a lot about having confidence and just trusting yourself and the Divine. It is a lot of work to run a coven, but it is also rewarding. Drake had very strong energy and I could easily read it and feel it. He is a Leo and we discussed how many people in leadership roles are astrologically stronger signs like Leo, Scorpios etc. Any signs that correlate with a type A personality and strong leadership abilities seem to move into the clergy within Wicca.


Drake definitely feels like a third. He seems young to be a third for nine years, but once he starts talking you realize how knowledgeable and mature he really is. He knows his stuff and he is a strong leader within his coven! He has a very strong presence-not necessarily in looks or personality, but more with his energy and aura. I haven’t felt that much energy since meeting with a shaman at the Pantheacon.