About Me…..

Merry Meet Friends!

My name is Rebecca, but many of my friends and family call me Bex. I also go by Hoi Sum (my Chinese name). I am not Chinese, but my hubby is. I am happily married and have 2 adorable dogs-Nacho Libre and Mayday Parker. No kids yet. I am Wiccan and a witch. I belong to the Healing Waters Family coven and my own family coven (with my husband) is Ga Ting of Devorant and Balance. Ga Ting means family in Cantonese and Devorant means Passion in French. I am a Scorpio and my husband is a Libra. I am an active member of Family Wiccan Tradition International (FWTI). I am also a vegetarian. I love to read, collect comics, ride motorcycles, MMA (mixed martial arts), blogging, and learning about Paganism and Wicca.


About this blog….

Welcome to my new blog. I already have my main blog Bex’s Hexes, so this blog is going to be my online journal only. The purpose of this blog journal is to document by spiritual growth as I work on completing my second degree with FWTI (Family Wiccan Tradition International) and the Spirits Cast-101 course on the Spirits Cast podcast show. I will be posting journal entries about my different homework assignments. I promise to be open, honest, and real with my posts on this blog. My hope is that you will get something out of my blogging for your own personal growth. Welcome to my journey-I hope you enjoy the ride!

Blessed Be,

Hoi Sum


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  1. December 1, 2009 at 10:55 am

    Merry Meet Bex,

    My name is Jennifer Wright and I run PaganPages EMagazine at http://www.paganpages.org. We are a free to the community magazine that has been publishing on line for several years now and have a fairly large fan base.

    While surfing the net I came across your blog and I think you would be a wonderful columnist and addition to our family. If this is something you may be interested in, please, write me at jenniferwright@paganpages.org

    Much Love,
    Jennifer Wright

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