Healing Spell (travel ready)

Once again I felt the need to do a simple spell while at work. I have been suffering from a bad cold/flu and I really want my health and energy back. I laid my crystals, talismans, and mint box of herbs on my desk at work, then listened to and watched the Chakra Healing Mantra (see Youtube clip below), using the Youtube video I opened all of my chakras and brought energy into my body, I invoked the Goddess, God, and the four elements, and then repeated the following spell…

“In the Divine name of the Goddess who breathes life into us all. I consecrate and charge these crystals, talismans, and herbs as magkical tools for healing. Magick mend and sickness end! For wellness I yearn, so good health return!

This is my will so mote it be!”

Viola a healing spell! It is great to be able to still work with the Divine and magick while being at work! Feel free to modify and use this spell! I would suggest to always try to carry small tools of magick with you, so that you can do a spell whenever you need.

Blessed Be,

Hoi Sum


Strength Spell

I have a friend who recently asked for my help with a strength spell, so I thought I would share the ideas I found here as well. These are for either yourself or for a friend. Enjoy!

Note: Overall I would just really visualize a lot of strength and energy going your or another person’s way-like praying. I always ask the elements to help too…for example ask Air to take the extra strength and energy to yourself and/or friend, water to bring  healing and cleansing, fire to bring positive energy and passion, and earth to ground and center you (them), making you (them) feel safe!

Spell #1: Using either a candle, crystal, or charm/talisman chant the following (see below)… If you use a crystal or charm you can always say the chant and charge the objects with energy and then give to your friend to keep with them.

Strength of day
Strength of night
Give me strength
Beyond my sight.

Spell #2: Get colored string-which ever color(s) you want to use (suggested colors red, blue, orange, purple, black, yellow and silver) and as you tie and knot the string together forming a bracelet chant (see below)…then give yourself or friend the bracelet.

I bring survival, protection and courage with each red, blue and black knot
And with each orange, purple and silver I’ve tied, it was just justice,
female power and self assurance that I got.
Will yellow, quick intelligence is with me – secure my knots – these
things held together tightly…
By my will So mote it be!

Yule Spell

I found a great Yule spell today, and wanted to share it, because I will definitely be doing this spell. It is a great spell to start the new year off!

Spell Supplies:Goddess Candle (silver), God candle (Gold), a self candle, a red candle (fire), a blue candle (water), a green candle (earth),  a yellow candle (air), a pentacle (for protection), and a sage smudge.

Notes: The words for God were not provided but you are welcome to alter this spell and add a part for God in the beginning. I always include both the Goddess and God in my rituals, so I will be adding a part for God. Also the ending of the spell says to let the candles burn out on their own, but you are welcome to blow the candles out. Also I would suggest you pull up a circle before performing this spell. I think all magick should be done within a circle for both protection and sacredness.


Smudge or use incense over your spell/altar area and say…

“I purify this space. May my hopes and aspirations rise within this veil of smoke and become one with the universe. With every breath I take may I be empowered by the light of the Goddess. So mote it be .”

Light the candle for the Goddess and say:

“Gracious Goddess who walks through the mists of time, my need of you is endless but tonight I ask only for power. Fill my being with your strength and be with me this night that I may be empowered by your gifts of life. Hold true this spell I work. Blesed Be.”

Light the Earth candle (green)

“Intune my magick with nature. Let me judge not the path or people before me but trust in the Goddess to light the way. Let me be reminded of this daily. Let my eyes be open to the true meaning of life. As we come from the Earth we will return to the Earth, let me not forget your true treasures. So mote it be.”

Light the Air candle (yellow)

“Fill my soul with knowledge. Let my powers grow and my intuition be endless. I claim my birth right as witch, empower me and allow me all that is wise. I claim the magick to work this spell tonight. So mote it be.”

Light the Fire candle (red)

“Let my desires be powered with endless energy and grow into full manifestation. Let my work be prosperous and the law of three protect me and mirror against all that do wrong against me. So mote it be.”

Light the Water candle (blue)

“Keep my family safe and let our love for each other be abundant.. Let my path be in joy surrounded by family and friends. Let our love last through the life times ahead. Bless us always. So mote it be.”

Light the candle you have chosen to represent yourself

“I, _______ take the power given and honor it. I reach for strength from the blood that is life itself to keep my body a temple in health and light. Let all illness leave me. Let my chakras shine bright with balance and health. Blessed Be

I am _____ . I am a priestess of my Goddess. This is my bidding and these are my words. May this spell not reverse, or place upon me any curse. So mote it be.”

Allow the candles to burn out on their own, and then bury the remnants in the earth.

This spell was retrieved December 14, 2009 from http://www.pagan-magic.co.uk/shop/article_info.php/life-spell-a-118?osCsid=86b179bf1cb789da6eb0b4be1a44675b.

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog. I already have my main blog Bex’s Hexes, so this blog is going to be my online journal only. The purpose of this blog journal is to document by spiritual growth as I work on completing my second degree with FWTI (Family Wiccan Tradition International) and the Spirits Cast-101 course on the Spirits Cast podcast show. I will be posting journal entries about my different homework assignments. I promise to be open, honest, and real with my posts on this blog. My hope is that you will get something out of my blogging for your own personal growth. Welcome to my journey-I hope you enjoy the ride!


Hoi Sum