Wiccan correspondences I take for granted

Spirits Cast-101 lesson two is here-yeah! I listened to Feithline’s new episode today-it was fantastic as usual. I am looking forward to starting the new elements exercise this month! To start the next assignment off we are suppose to create a list of things we take for granted. What Feith means by this is our Wiccan/Pagan correspondences we have gotten so use to we no longer think about why or how we got those correspondences. For example why is the moon associated with the Goddess? Below is my list of correspondences and associations I take for granted…

Things I take for granted:

The nighttime and moon are feminine

The daytime and sun are masculine

Air is yellow and masculine

Water is blue and feminine

Earth is green and feminine

Fire is red and masculine

Athames are masculine

Bowls and chalices are feminine

Magick is neutral

There is life, spirit, and energy in everthing

my soul

the afterlife

Goddess represents emotions

God represents protection

Summary: Even creating and looking over this list has got me thinking. There are some associations I have because I have really meditated on them and chose what felt right for me. Other associations I have because of societal and cultural norms I have been taught since childhood. For example Air is masculine to me, not because some Wicca 101 book told me it is, but because I see visions of the Greek God Hermes when I work with the element of air. To me the spirit of air is the same traveler and messenger as Hermes is. Because I see Hermes when I see air, I see masculine. However I am constantly seeing the Goddess as a gentle, emotional, mother type. Where as, I see God as the passionate, action based protector. But really those are gender stereotypes that have been around since the beginning of time. Men or the masculine can also represent a soft and emotional side. There have been and still are female warriors. Men are not the only beings capable of anger, action, and violence. I think we all could work on being careful with the gender restricted boxes we put our deities into. The great spirit or Divine is not really male or female. We put or deity(s) into gender based roles because that is how we understand things as humans. Everything in nature within our planet exists with two genders. The Divine is not limited to gender though, nor is it limited to our version of emotions and abilities. Just like water is not limited to being blue on our planet. Ever see a blue flame of fire? Why do we put correspondences to the elements?  Why is the Goddess represented by the night and moon? What is the definition of feminine? Do the elements really correspond to one gender? Do we even need to give them a gender association?

Things are the types of questions I will be asking myself as I work on this month’s Spirits Cast-101 assignment. Hopefully I will find some answers to those questions-at least what the answers are for myself and my own spiritual practice.

Good luck to all of you as we journey into the realm of the elements!


Hoi Sum


Worship with Song

Hello fellow spiritual journey-ers!

Well I am so proud to admit that I have been pretty good about my daily spiritual devotional time! This morning was the first morning in November that I have not had my normal devotional time on my way to work. I decided this morning though, to just enjoy my new cd and to worship the Divine through music. I recently purchased the album “I walk with the Goddess” by Kellianna. I love this cd! It has some really great upbeat Pagan songs! It is an awesome way to start your morning! At first I was a little hard on myself for not still having my “normal” devotional” time, but it is good to change things up a little. There is also nothing wrong with using music to speak to the Divine! After all, I grew up doing that in church with worship music. It doesn’t matter what religion you are music is still a connection to the Divine!

Many Blessings,

Hoi Sum

The Goddess knows…

…I will admit I have been a little down lately after a negative experience at a local Pagan meetup. I have done pretty good getting back on the horse so to speak and not getting bogged down in the negativity! I have to thank people like Fire Lyte for my quick come back though-Fire Lyte sent me great words of encouragement that really helped me! I have also started my own meetup group and have already made some good contacts-I am looking forward to putting some energy into networking with local Pagans/Wiccans. Anywho on to the great news…I ordered a couple more of the books off of my required reading list (for my second degree) with my birthday Li Cee (“lucky” money from my in-laws). They arrived at my house yesterday and so I started the first book last night…I am reading “The Circle Within: Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition” by Dianne Sylvan. I am so excited about this book! I have only read the Preface and a little bit of the first chapter and I am already in love with the book. This the exact book I needed to read right now! I needed a book that doesn’t discuss spells or Wicca 101 facts, but rather a book that discusses how to connect to the Divine and how to grow in your spiritual journey! It made me feel so good to realize what this book is about-it made me feel like the Divine knew I was discouraged and knew exactly what I needed to read! The Goddess and God know what we need and they are here to take care of us…here to help us grow in our spiritual journeys!


Hoi Sum

Weekly Ritual

In addition to working on having my daily morning (car) devotional/ritual time, I also try to have a small ritual every Sunday night. Even if there is no full moon or sabbat. I think it is important to start the week with some spiritually focused time. My Sunday rituals include raising a circle, invoking the elements- the Goddess and God, meditation time-usually in my “inner temple” with the Goddess, and a oracle card reading for the week ahead. Although I do  not do much in these rituals it always feels great to spend a little bit of time with the Divine! I like to let go of any stress from the weekend and to look ahead to the week. My Sunday rituals are part of my committment to having a daily/weekly practice.



Hoi Sum

Daily Morning Ritual

Today while listening to the Spirits Cast-101 November podcast, Feithline mentioned that this month’s focus is on taking the time to have a spiritual ritual everyday. We shouldn’t just be spending time with the Divine on sabbats or full moons. Below is my daily devotional ritual that I do in my car while I drive to work. I try to do it everyday, but often times I get distracted by my music and don’t do it. I am making a new commitment to try to have my morning ritual everyday. What do you do everyday to connect to the Divine?

Morning Ritual

  • Center and ground my energy
  • Ask the element of Earth to ground me and lend me energy
  • Release all negative energy from my body
  • Raise up a protective shield to keep negative energy out for the day
  • Invite the Goddess and God to join my devotional time
  • Send positive and healing energy to my FWTI friends-pray that they will have a good and productive day.
  • Focus on the FWTI symbol and ask that it be a shining sign of hope, encouragement, love, safety, acceptance, and growth.
  • Visualize more people coming to FWTI
  • Visualize and pray for good, positive, and productive communication between all board members.
  • See the FWTI Board’s pentacle of service shining bright and healthy. Pray for each of the 5 points of service within that pentacle
  • List all of the things I am thankful for today
  • Ask the God and Goddess to help all of my request during this ritual to come into fruition.
  • Dismiss the God and Goddess
  • Send the element of Air away to carrying on my energy and prayers from the ritual to those I love
  • This is my will so mote it be