Divination-Daily Tarot

Hello Friends!

This is my page where I will journal about my daily tarot card. I recently purchased a miniature Rider-Waite deck (which matches my main regular size deck) to use for studying. They are really small and I can easily carry the deck in my purse. I will be drawing a tarot card each day while I am at work to practice working with this wonderful form of divination. Wish me luck!

Monday: 12/07/09

The Fool (Reversed): Be careful not to be irresponsible or immature with your responsibilities. Take your responsibilities seriously and be mindful of your own actions and thoughts.

Tuesday: 12/08/09

The Lovers (Reversed): Possible frustrations in a relationship. Also this card warns to be careful of making rushed or rash decisions. Slow down and think very carefully before making a decision.

Tuesday: 12/15/09

The Five of Cups (Reversed): This is still a card about disappointments, loss, and too high of expectations, but because it came up reveresed it is just at a lower level-a newly developing disappointment. Although it can be seen as a negative card, it teaches us to re-evaluate our expectations.

Wednesday: 12/16/09

Queen of Swords: An independent woman, with high/intense intuition and perception, a teacher, but also private. She is not very trusting, but loyal once she does get to know someone or a situation. In a reading she often means the “client” is this woman at this time-in this phase of her life.


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