Divination-Ritual Readings

Welcome Travelers!

This is my divination page where I will be posting blog entries about my divination readings I do each week. This is a way for me to keep practicing my divination skills. I mostly work with oracle cards and runes. My Goddess oracle cards are my favorite to work with. I usually do a 4 card spread for each week. The first card I pull is my Goddess of the week. I trust in the Divine that I will get the Goddess I need to guide me for that week. The second card is my recent past, the third card is my present, and the fourth card is my future (the week ahead). I am working on my divination skills as a second degree requirement.

Blessed Be,

Hoi Sum

Monday 11/02/09

  • Goddess of the Week: Cordelia
  • Past: Aeracura
  • Present: Kuan Yin
  • Future: Mother Mary

Meaning: I need to make time to go outside this week-enjoy mother nature. I get bogged down with work and always being on the computer. Aeracura has been encouraging me as I start my second degree training. She is always with me reminding me to enjoy my growth process and to not get caught up in the stress of everything. Kuan Yin is telling me to stop focusing on myself so much and to make sure to have room for compassion towards others in my heart! I needed her message this week with my brother. Mary Mother is letting me know that my prayers are being heard and that miracles can happen.

Sunay 11/08/09

  • Goddess of the Week: Yemanya
  • Past: Isolt
  • Present: Abundantia
  • Future: Aine

Meaning: Important doors are opening up for me, but I have to be willing to go through them. I also have to be open to receiving the universe’s pouring out of abundance. The love that I have for my husband is eternal. I have to take risks in order for my hearts true desires to come true!


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